Home Leave & Passport Renewal

Home Leave

Why go through us?
The home leave application is a tedious and inconvenient bit of administrative work and must be handled properly, without any mistakes. Here at CnCMaid, we can help you to handle the leave application on your behalf, with the following benefits:

  1. Reduced Employer's Liability:
    • With our undertaking, your Philippines Embassy bond amount is reduced from $7000 to $2000. Note that this bond is different from the $5000 MOM bond.
  2. Convenience
    • We will handle everything, explain everything and process everything for you. All you need to do is to fill up the documents we send to you, bring them to us, and then return for an approved document.
  3. Experience
    • We are very experienced at processing such applications. It is far less likely that we will make any mistakes than if you tried to do it yourself.

Can my Maid apply for the Exit Pass from Philippines directly?
If your maid's contract is registered in the Philippines Embassy, and that she has paid her Overseas Workers Welfare Agency fee, she can apply for her Exit Pass and Pag ibig directly. 

What happens if my maid doesn't have an Exit Permit?
All Filipino maids leaving the Philippines without an Overseas Employment Certificate will be stopped and questioned regarding their long stay in Singpapore. Without an OEC, your maid will be suspected of doing overseas work without government approval and will be "protected" by the Philippines government from going to Singapore. She can only leave the country after all the required documents from the Philippines' overseas labour office and the POEA has been collected.

In order for your maid to come return to Singapore, you have to apply for a home leave paper from the Singapore embassy and pay all of the required charges. Furthermore, you have to send the document to Philippines and buy a return ticket for her. You maid will report to Manila's POEA to apply for OEC with all the documents --- a possibly expensive and time consuming process. Never take home leave without a proper Exit Permit.

Proccessing Duration: 2 Weeks

Filippino Maid Passport Renewal

Again, the agency strongly recommends that you go through us when renewing your Filipino maid's passport. Dealing with Filippino passport renewal involves a substantial amount of paperwork and time. You can avoid that if you engage our services for a fee similar to the home leave plus the cost of a new passport.

Step-by-step guide for passport renewal:

  1. Submit the required documents for passport renewal to us and we will arrange a renewal document and an appointment for your maid at the Philippines Embassy. The appointment usually happens a few weeks after the submission of documents.
  2. On the date of the appointment, the maid goes to the Philippines Embassy with her work permit and old passport. Fingerprints and photos will be taken.
  3. The passport will be ready 2 to 3 weeks after the appointment, depending on the Philippines Embassy. The total time from submission of documents to receiving a new passport is about 2 months.

If your maid's work permit needs to be renewed when her Filipino passport is near expiry, please refer to this page for the details.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the agency using the form in the sidebar on the right, or call us. 

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