Maid Salary

The following guidelines for the amount of salary you should pay for your maid is taken from MOM Website. If you are unsure how much you should pay your maid per month, just drop us a message or a call. We will be more than happy to help you.

Monthly salary

A maid's wages should reflect the scope of work agreed upon.

The maid must be paid her due salary each month, no later than seven days after the last day of the salary period. Any salary period agreed between the maid employer and maid shall not exceed one month. If the maid so requests, the salary shall be paid via direct transfer into the maid's bank account in a bank established in Singapore.

If it is mutually agreed that the maid employer should keep the bank account book, the maid must be given access to the book at all times to check that payments are credited promptly and regularly.

The maid employer must also keep a record of the monthly salary paid to the maid, and should be able to produce this record at the request of any authorised public officer.

Salary adjustment

Where appropriate, the maid employer should consider giving the maid a periodic wage adjustment to reward good performance and loyalty in service.

Apart from the monthly salary, the maid employer can also consider offering the maid a contract gratuity. This sum of money, which should be negotiated between the two parties, could be paid to the maid upon conclusion of an agreed period of employment. Such incentives may result in a more motivated and diligent maid.


Central Provident Fund contributions are not required for maids.

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